नास्तिक (heterodox)

My name is Ramesh and this is my personal blog.


My name is Ramesh (Ramesh Balasubramanian). As the title of this blog indicates I am a naastik (atheist in sanskrit). In this blog, besides atheism, I will also be writing about other topics that interest me: computing, chess, mathematics, music (jazz, carnatic) and behavioral economics.

I grew up in Madras (now Chennai), worked in Bombay (now Mumbai) and Allahabad. Moved to the US in mid-1990s. Now I live and work in Ashburn, VA.

I started playing chess at Tal Chess Club, Madras. Due to time and location constraints, I don’t play much Over-The-Board chess these days, but do play and follow chess online.

My formal education has been in Mathematics, Statistics, Computing and Bioinformatics.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions found in naastik are not necessarily shared by people or organizations (including my past and present employers) that I have been associated with.


Written by Ramesh

October 30, 2008 at 7:32 pm

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