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State of medical education in India.

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Education system in India is a mess. For the most part, it is outdated and very examination centric. Educating the student never seems to be the priority, while graduating them almost always is. That is why it is ridiculous of people like Tom Friedman to keep touting India’s educational achievements, in their criticism of US education system.

This op-ed from a couple of CMC (Vellore) professors on the state of medical education in India is a depressing read

The current approaches to undergraduate medical education do not meet the challenge of managing the basic health needs. Unless fundamental course corrections are made, undergraduate medical education in India is bound to flounder and produce doctors who lack the skill and confidence to manage common diseases and illnesses in the population. The imperative is to re-work medical education and to re-orient training to make it relevant to meet the health needs of the country. The system needs to struggle and transform itself with better and appropriate science and more humanity to make it responsive to societal needs.


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February 13, 2010 at 6:35 pm

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