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Being poor in a poor country

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What is, still, striking about India is its poverty. What is even more striking is the absolute indifference that people display to the poverty they see right in front of their eyes. Last evening, as I was walking around in T Nagar, Chennai, I saw a little boy (no more than 4 years old), holding something small in his hand and playing with it in the street. I could not see what he was holding in his hand, as the street was not that well lit. He was, basically, playing like any other kid his age – with something that he has access to, and moving it around as if it was moving a car or a bus. I have seen my own son play like this all the time, but the obvious difference was that this kid was doing so on the street, right next to a dumpster. The real shock came when I saw what was happening inside the dumpster – the kid’s parents were looking for food to eat. Worse still, I was the only passerby even remotely interested in this. Others were minding their business, most with a cell phone attached to their ear, completely oblivious of what is happening around them. Such desensitization is common here and that is something truly disturbing.

It is merely random chance that the kid I saw was born in poor household and I just don’t know how people who believe in God can square what this kid has to go through with their belief in a benevolent god. This child, needless to say, has not done anything to gain anyone’s wrath. If an all powerful god exists, shouldn’t He be making life better for this innocent child? Not that this kind of argument has not been made before – just that the striking disparity that exists here highlights the inherent contradictions in the benevolent-god model.


Written by Ramesh

December 21, 2008 at 4:44 am

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