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~ 2 million of LIFE Magazine’s nearly 10 million Photo Archive, dating back to 1750s, is now available online, hosted by Google. Rest of the images will be added as they’re scanned over time, according to the official Google blog. 97% of them have never been seen before. You can buy a framed picture of each image from Time Warner, Life Magazine’s parent company, and a link is available right next to the image. That, obviously, is a good motivation for Time Warner to open up the archive. At this moment, there is no direct monetary benefit for Google, or so it seems. According to Time Inc press release

LIFE’s Photo Archive will be scanned and available on Google Image Search free for personal and research purposes. Copyright and ownership of all images will remain with Time Inc

Not bad.

This is a treasure trove. Try Gandhi and you can see 200+ pictures, including several family photos.
Look for Famous Pictures and get inundated with images of Actress Betty Grable’s famous legs. But don’t get carried away. This category also has it’s share of horrors, like an image of 1946 communal riots in India. There are only 11 Bobby Fischer pictures. Well, at least it is 6 more than doughface James Buchanan. Searching for Carnatic brings up 2 pictures of illustrations of Anglo-French Wars in India. 🙂


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November 20, 2008 at 2:17 am

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