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Chess Olympiad, Round 3

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A round of upsets – Jobava beat Ivanchuk and lead Georgia to victory over Ukraine; Kjetil beat Xiangzhi and Carlsen managed to hold Wang to a draw from a difficult position in Norway’s upset win over China; Van Wely’s win over Radjabov helped Netherlands draw Azerbaijan; US won, despite Nakamura’s loss to IM Kobese.

Russia (1) – Cuba
Ukraine (2) – Georgia
China (3) – Norway
Azerbaijan (4)Netherlands
Hungary (5) – Czech Republic
Bulgaria (6) – Nicaragua
France (7)Greece
Israel (8)Lithuania
Armenia (9) – Faroe Islands
United States (10) – South Africa
India (13) – El Salvador

An instructive position from this round in board 1 of Hungary – Czech Republic match.

28… Bf5?

David Navara


Peter Leko

Exchanging the bishop seriously weakens e6 and allows white to exploit the weak light squares c6 and e6. Leko gives up his dark squared bishop for the well positioned black Knight on f4 to reach a strategically advantageous position.

29.Bxf4! exf4 [29…Bxf4 30.Ncxe5!] 30.Bxf5 Nxf5 [30…Rxf5 31.Nd4!+-] 31.Na5 Qd7 32.Nc6 Qf7 33.Re6!+-

David Navara


Peter Leko

White’s positional dominance is now complete. He controls the open b and e files, outposts at c6 and e6. d6 pawn is backward and the hapless bishop at h6 is hemmed. This is over.

33…Rfc8 34.Rbe1 Bf8 35.Ng5 Qd7 36.Qf3 Ng7 37.Rf6 Re8 38.Rxe8 Qxe8 39.Rxf4 Rb7 40.Re4 Qc8 41.g4 Qd8?? 1-0


Full round 3 open results
Full round 3 women results


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