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Chess Olympiad, Round 2

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No major upsets in round 2. USA held to a draw by Greece.

Russia (1) – Poland
Ukraine (2) – Serbia
China (3) – Beluras
Azerbaijan (4) – Slovakia
Armenia (9) – Moldova
United States (10)Greece
India (13) – Sweden

Ukrainian GM Sergey Karjakin (ELO 2730) blundered and lost to GM Dragan Solak (ELO 2595) from an equal position.

94.h5 Kxh5 95.Rf2


95…Kh6?? [95…Qe3 96.Kf1 Qc1+ 97.Kg2 Qe3=] 96.Kh1!+-


Two rooks, on the edge of the board, delivering a checkmate is always a pretty sight. Mate in h2 can only be avoided with material loss. [96…Qd1+ 97.Rg1]

Full round 2 open results
Full round 2 women results


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November 14, 2008 at 11:00 pm

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